Hotel with restaurant in Sardinia

Grand Hotel Resort Ma&Mà, a hotel with restaurant in Sardinia, is committed to offering an extraordinary dining experience, from breakfast to lunch to after-dinner drinks. The resort's restaurant and bars are designed to satisfy the most refined palates, always offering the best in a unique atmosphere.

Where to eat in La Maddalena, Sardinia

Antica Isola Restaurant: The Antica Isola is the perfect place to soak in a relaxed atmosphere, with the color of the pool illuminating the surroundings. Perfect for lunch between dips, this space is especially good for an elegant candlelight dinner. Enjoy delicious dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients while being enveloped in the restaurant's unique atmosphere.

Outdoor Bar and Lobby Bar: The resort has two bars, one outdoors in warm weather on the beautiful pool terrace, and one on the lobby floor. These places are perfect for relaxing and enjoying delicious drinks in a refined atmosphere. The lounge area offers a unique experience where you can socialize and enjoy a relaxing moment.

Ma&Mà Pizza: At Ma&Mà Pizza, you'll feel like you're aboard an enchanting ship ready to set sail. The furnishings, wall decorations and specialty pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Lovers of good pizza, prepared in the Neapolitan tradition with fresh, wholesome ingredients, will find their gastronomic refuge here.

Experience culinary excellence at Grand Hotel Resort Ma&Mà, a hotel with restaurant in Sardinia where every meal is an extraordinary experience, full of authentic flavors and unique atmosphere.

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